Saturday, September 1, 2012

Girlfrens - The New Collection

My creative vision shifts just as much as this Hampton Roads, VA weather...
One minute, I'm obsessed with painting mini canvas for the Walk With Me collection, and the next thing you know, I'm up at 4am painting faces again.  My latest project - will be profiles of women, faceless for the most part; with a focus on the hair (which I'm pretty good at) and the earring.  

I vacillated about naming this collection Girlfrens OR Gossip and Cocktails...  the concept for the Gossip and Cocktails came about because I wanted to title each piece after a cocktail drink; based on the look of the earring.  After some thought, I decided to stick to giving each painting a first name.  

I have completed 3 paintings in the collection so far, but haven't come up with names yet... I don't know for sure.  

It will come to me...