Monday, August 29, 2011

Thanks Irene!

I spent the last two weeks unable to focus, preparing mentally and physically for Irene to show up. Hearing tales of how her older sister Isabel wrecked havoc in 2003 and recalling my visions of what her cousin Katrina did in 2005 made me a bit anxious. Nonetheless, I was prepared… And it was my plan to eat, sleep and paint the weekend away. I was looking forward to it…

So, when Irene showed up, I spent several hours worried if I would lose electricity, so I felt like I needed to watch as much TV as I could, while I could, but all I could watch was news coverage about Irene’s visit. And I was so thrilled that I could still cook meals, so I made dinner. And ate. Over and Over again. And, because there wasn’t anything for me to do outside the house, I could not come up with any good reason to get out of the bed. There was nothing to get ready for. And so I slept, when I wasn't eating or watching TV.

And I had a lesson learned: I can’t just paint because I have “time” to paint. Lord knows I had plenty of time to paint. But I had no desire, no inspiration… It was one of the laziest weekends of my life. And I’m not guilty about it.

Sometimes we need Irene’s to show up and give us an excuse to do nothing…

Thanks Irene!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Learning Technique

I had my very first Art class last night. While I had initially signed up for the class to learn “how” to paint, my new focus is more around learning new styles and technique.

I was excited to see that things that I sort of figured out on my own by my third painting (Avery) were being taught as part of technique. Had me thinking, “did I learn this before and not remember”? I remember when I was younger I use to watch that hairy man paint a picture - a landscape in an episode… so maybe, it’s quite possible that I’ve “learned” technique before…or we can just stick with me being a “natural”. ( Where’s that humility?)

As a result of my first art class, I took a different approach to my next painting “G”. One of the things we learned was about layering and blending on the canvas. So, for the first time, I actually painted the full background first, and I’m building Gs face on top. This is what she looks like so far…

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's with the Brooch?

I went through a phase about 6 years ago, when I wore a brooch just about once or twice a week. So, needless to say, I have a “few” brooches, tucked away neatly in a jewelry box inside of my accessories closet. (Don’t Judge Me - Yes, I have a closet JUST for my accessories.)

Anyhow, I thought it would be cool to utilize my brooches on my art. In fact, it’s not a new idea at all… it’s one I’ve had for quite sometime. Just that, at the time I had the idea, I didn’t Know I could actually paint…

Monday, August 22, 2011

Paint Break

So, I haven't been inspired to paint really... can you believe it? I went in so Hard the first two weeks that I burnt myself out. LOL No actually, I'm just trying to hold off until my art class starts - This Thursday... I figured 8 paintings in 20 days is pretty decent. Well, more like 7.5 because I haven't quite finished "F" yet, but she's coming... I finished "Eve" just yesterday.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

From Error to Er-Art

So, I decided to take a different approach after I painted the outline of "D's" face. First off, I can not draw, so all of the paintings that I have done so far have just been "free brush". And honestly, my errors end up looking intentional... (Like for example the texture of Claudette's skin - that was me, wiping the paint of with a paper towel.) Anyhow, I wanted to be sure that I got the placement of the eyes and nose right, so I actually took a couple self side profiles of myself. After looking at the side profile that I felt matched the most closely with the outline, I felt like I had a better vision of how to angle the eyes, nose and mouth... What impressed me most about D was her lips. I was careful with them. LOL But when I got to the nose, I had accidentally dipped the brush without paying close attention and as I brushed it on realized that I was painting her nose the wrong color. That's why her nose is dark... But, after looking at it for a few hours, she grew on me (just like Claudette) and I named her Davina...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My First Two Paintings...

Gayle and Olivia! I was so excited when I finished Gayle. I was really excited about painting my name on the painting... L.Cherise!

Exploring my ABCs…

Sooooo, it’s been 4 days since I first picked up my ABCs (Acrylic Brushes and Canvas) and I have to say, I’m pretty good. The humility is no where to be found right now. I’m amazing. LOL. But, I do realize that Art is subjective, so, I’m apprehensive to share this newly discovered talent, with people that I really know.

Anyhow, I decided to name each painting alphabetically - starting of course with the letter A.

Avery -

My issue with Avery was what Brooch to accessorize her with… I think this one worked well.

Bonita - Big Eyed Bonita. She told me her name was Bonita. LOL. And you can see her in my profile Pic right over Avery.

Claudette - Damn she ugly. I really think she’s gonna have to grow on me. But the earring. O my, when I saw that earring, I knew I had to have it. And I knew Claudette would be the one to wear it right.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

But Can I Paint?

So, my $80 bucks worth of art supplies laid in the junky corner of my future office/art studio for a full week, until last night… “I think I can paint without the class… at the very least, I KNOW I can paint a flower.” And I did… BUT, I really want to be able to display my brooches on a piece of art… I’m looking at these funky abstract faces that I bought on sale for $2 at Value City, at the very least I CAN draw an abstract face… AND I did…

Now wait a dog gone minute this is looking pretty good… let’s see if I give her some eyes and a nose, and a mouth, and earrings… O Shnap, I think I CAN PAINT...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ABC’s Cost M-O-N-E-Y

So, Aug 6 was tax free Saturday in the State of Virginia - for Back to school shopping. And after a quick review of the list of items that “qualify” for tax free, I was excited to learn that “art supplies” was on the list. Armed with my 15% off Michael’s coupon and the Art supply list provided , I figured I’d spend at the most, $50 bucks.

I mean - Acrylic, Brushes and Canvas - Did she say $80??? Oh, $60 with the coupon. Oh, hell nah - I have to sell a painting real quick!