Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Goal is Art

My recent relocation to the East Coast, led me to realize that at 34, I have pretty much accomplished everything that I had “planned” and/or wanted. (That is, everything that I solely have control over - because being married one day is in the plan, but I need a willing participant to assist with that one.) As I ran through the check list in my head, I was left with two things to consider. Two hobbies… Billiards… and Art. (Both of which, by the way, I have day dreamed about being well known for.)

I figure, I’d tackle both sometime this year… At least, that’s what’s written in my Goals Journal - under the Hobbies/Extra Curricular category. Yes, I really have a Goals Journal. Well, actually I titled it a “Goals, Prayer, Wants, Needs Journal”.

Quoted from the Journal (written sometime in early July):

Art Class

For the past few years, maybe 5, I have thought about taking an art class. While I have the time and $ I’m going to do it now. ACTION - Find an art class.

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