Sunday, April 29, 2012

Painting (On Wood)- My Process

I have been painting for 8 months now and when it comes to painting a new personality for the “Accessorized” collection, I feel I have a strong foundation in place!  First step, I create the outline of my painting – with the color Raw Sienna.  Using the Raw Sienna is actually a tip I took away from my art class.

Second, I add a new color and begin to layer for hair.  Once the hair is established, I have a better perspective on eye shape, nose direction, and expression and I take Raw Sienna to outline those features…  The great thing about painting on wood, is if I mess up, I can take a paper towel and some water and erase the error. 

The next step is deciding on background color.  Having knowledge of complimentary colors is useful at this step.  I also take into consideration colors that I may have not used recently or if I’m painting a custom request, the color scheme has already been provided. 

In this case, I selected pink and green.

I use a mix of colors to add layers to the hair.  I add color to the eyes and lips, drill a whole, and add the drawer pull!  It typically takes an average of 2-3 hours to complete a personality. 

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