Sunday, July 1, 2012

Painting (On Canvas) - So many layers...

I'm starting to enjoy painting on canvas again...  When I started out, I learned early that canvas requires a lot of Layers.  And honestly, it was difficult for me to focus on finishing.  I would rush through because I was eager to start to next one.  Having settled in to a "groove", I now paint on both mediums (standard canvas and wood panel), at the same time.  When I have the "desire" to paint, I typically can choose one of three pending projects.  This weekend, I started a new canvas project.  Actually, I'm painting on a wood panel that has a canvas finish - The surface is a hard canvas.  I decided to photo track the many layers.

I give myself an idea of the eyes, nose, and mouth position.
I used a yellow for the foundation/undertone.  You can use any color really... I have used red in the past and even green.  Then to start giving the painting dimension, I added a dark brown color to the cheeks, chin and forehead.
 I took a pale pink and added another layer.  Notice how the pink blends in with the dark brown.  It's really all about brush strokes...

At this step, I'm not that great of selecting skin color...  The skin color really selects itself.  However, I decided to add a reddish brown tone...

 And then I blended the reddish brown with raw sienna.

 I mixed up another color using various colors... and added another layer, highlighting the areas around the eyes... AND I used yellow to re-define the Eyes and mouth.

 I decided on a burnt orange background.  And added layers to the hair.

 Mixed up another muggy brown color... and used water and layers and blending....
 Blended a lot more with yellow and my muggy brown color.  Defined the nose and Added white to the eyes and Red to the lips!

And now, I will have to let her sit for a while.
To this step I have used about 13 layers on the face alone... and probably just about 10 or so on the hair. One thing I want to do a better job of is tracking my time, but it's difficult because I literally will touch 2 or 3 different art projects in one sitting.  I will guess that to this point, I have spent about 3 hours.  And I think she will take at least another hour to get to a point of "completion".

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