Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Brooch Artist - Brooch Florist

My Art has been on Hold… as my creative vision is exploring new ventures.
It's funny how all things come together.

For example, ever since I was young I have always wanted to own a second hand store.  I have always watched Antique Roadshow and more modern shows like American Pickers and Pawn Stars, where people are either collecting or holding on to something "old" that is now worth money.

I have also always been a collector.  I have held on to every "extra" button that has come attached to a shirt.  I have old coins.  Movie stubs. Random "things".

In addition to Brooches, I have had my eye on collecting small vases.  However, I didn't have a justification to buy them… until now.

My new venture… as a Brooch Florist.

So, the Brooch Bouquet is something that I have talked about before.  I created one last year for my friends wedding.  The thing about the current Brooch Bouquet process, is that your brooch is "wired" to the stem.  So, once it is attached, you can not wear it again.  However, my one of a kind brooch stem design changes that!  I have designed a way that you can affix a brooch to a stem, but still have the opportunity to wear it if you want.

So, My vintage enamel flower brooches + brooch stems = a justification for me to buy small vases!!

I'm a Brooch Florist!

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