Wednesday, August 17, 2011

From Error to Er-Art

So, I decided to take a different approach after I painted the outline of "D's" face. First off, I can not draw, so all of the paintings that I have done so far have just been "free brush". And honestly, my errors end up looking intentional... (Like for example the texture of Claudette's skin - that was me, wiping the paint of with a paper towel.) Anyhow, I wanted to be sure that I got the placement of the eyes and nose right, so I actually took a couple self side profiles of myself. After looking at the side profile that I felt matched the most closely with the outline, I felt like I had a better vision of how to angle the eyes, nose and mouth... What impressed me most about D was her lips. I was careful with them. LOL But when I got to the nose, I had accidentally dipped the brush without paying close attention and as I brushed it on realized that I was painting her nose the wrong color. That's why her nose is dark... But, after looking at it for a few hours, she grew on me (just like Claudette) and I named her Davina...

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