Monday, August 29, 2011

Thanks Irene!

I spent the last two weeks unable to focus, preparing mentally and physically for Irene to show up. Hearing tales of how her older sister Isabel wrecked havoc in 2003 and recalling my visions of what her cousin Katrina did in 2005 made me a bit anxious. Nonetheless, I was prepared… And it was my plan to eat, sleep and paint the weekend away. I was looking forward to it…

So, when Irene showed up, I spent several hours worried if I would lose electricity, so I felt like I needed to watch as much TV as I could, while I could, but all I could watch was news coverage about Irene’s visit. And I was so thrilled that I could still cook meals, so I made dinner. And ate. Over and Over again. And, because there wasn’t anything for me to do outside the house, I could not come up with any good reason to get out of the bed. There was nothing to get ready for. And so I slept, when I wasn't eating or watching TV.

And I had a lesson learned: I can’t just paint because I have “time” to paint. Lord knows I had plenty of time to paint. But I had no desire, no inspiration… It was one of the laziest weekends of my life. And I’m not guilty about it.

Sometimes we need Irene’s to show up and give us an excuse to do nothing…

Thanks Irene!

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