Friday, August 26, 2011

Learning Technique

I had my very first Art class last night. While I had initially signed up for the class to learn “how” to paint, my new focus is more around learning new styles and technique.

I was excited to see that things that I sort of figured out on my own by my third painting (Avery) were being taught as part of technique. Had me thinking, “did I learn this before and not remember”? I remember when I was younger I use to watch that hairy man paint a picture - a landscape in an episode… so maybe, it’s quite possible that I’ve “learned” technique before…or we can just stick with me being a “natural”. ( Where’s that humility?)

As a result of my first art class, I took a different approach to my next painting “G”. One of the things we learned was about layering and blending on the canvas. So, for the first time, I actually painted the full background first, and I’m building Gs face on top. This is what she looks like so far…

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