Sunday, September 11, 2011

Football and Painting

I had to move my art studio to the living room this afternoon! I had two personalities (that's how I will refer to my paintings I think) to complete AND I had to watch NFL RedZone to catch highlights of the Chargers. Two of the things about being on the East Coast now, is football starting so late in the day, and watching teams that I would not normally watch...

Anyhow, Georgia has been finished for a while, but I wasn't happy with her nose. I played around with it some more today and decided, I'm just going to leave her alone. Another lesson that I learned in my art class is that "there are no mistakes" in art!! Georgia is wearing a Brooch I ordered online from a website called I'm sure the Brooch was made in China.

Hadiya means "A Gift" in Swahili. And I thought the name was fitting for my last painting... she too wears a Brooch that I bought on She is also the largest (11x14) personality that I have attempted and I really like how her hair turned out.

I was in such a paiting mood today, that I already started "I". I don't know what her name is yet, because I typically don't name the piece until after she has eyes. LOL I hope to share her with you later this week!!

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